The Ecogarantie® Trademark

Ecogarantie® is the trademark for environmentally-friendly products. When seeing the Ecogarantie® label on a product, consumers can be sure that it meets the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, security and sustainability according to the Ecogarantie® standards. The Ecogarantie® label can be used on any kind of product made from organic ingredients, the composition of which is mineral-based, namely cosmetics, cleaning agents and sea salt. The Biogarantie® label is still used on purely agricultural products (foodstuffs, animal feed, textile, essential oils, flowers, …) according to the Biogarantie® standards, coming of course from organic agriculture. For more information, please consult the short presentation on both the labels here .

The working groups (one per product category) are entrusted with the task of developing the criteria on raw materials and processing methods.

These criteria are then integrated into the Ecogarantie® standards. They are subject to modification according to the progress being made by research. A revision is planned every year.

A lot of products are already being submitted to the control of independent control organisations.


Products bearing the Ecogarantie® label are controlled by independent control organisations:

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