What is Ecogarantie?

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Ecogarantie is an international mark for ecological products. When you choose for articles bearing the Ecogarantie label, you choose for quality and durability. Ecogarantie has developed standards for cosmetics, personal care, washing- and cleaning products and salt. Consumers can rely on the fact that products with the Ecogarantie label, meet strict requirements whose goal it is to guarantee quality, safety and durability for generations to come.

The Ecogarantie label is used for products of which the raw materials originate whether or not from organic agriculture – contrary to Biogarantie products whose raw products originate exclusively from organic agriculture. Raw materials for ecological goods, such as minerals and gasses are subject to strict requirements. Animal secretions are permitted only to a small degree. Processes which are to be used to transform raw materials into products need to be ecologically sound.

A number of specifications for the production of ecological goods was laid down in cooperation with several enterprises and consumers organisations from different sectors. Those standards were written down in the Ecogarantie Specifications Manual. The standards can be submitted to change according to the evolution of research and expertise. An extensive range of products is already being controlled by independent control organisations.