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The specifications developed by Ecogarantie are based on respect for the delicate balance between plants, humans and animals and on the strive for durability. Thereby never loosing sight of consumers expectations. Social-economic dynamics are taken into account as well.

Consequently ingredients and manufacturing methods of Ecogarantie products have to meet a number of criteria.


The strive towards durability is located in the ecological, social and economic field. The production of ecological goods may not be contrary to human rights and should happen in a socially just manner. The enterprise should be economically viable and use a honest price policy. In the ecological field attention should be paid to the renewability of raw materials and to the origin of ingredients. Testing of end products on animals is prohibited.


Ecogarantie articles need to observe the Belgian and European legislations on product safety. This means for example that every enterprise is obliged to take a few precautions concerning trace ability.


The repercussions on the environment should be kept as limited as possible. 

The ecological quality of the product is contained in the principle of obligatory means more so than in obligatory results.


Ecogarantie products are submitted to control by independent certification organisations. 


In concrete terms this means among other things:

  • The use of as many organic plant products as possible,
  • The prohibition of testing of end products on animals,
  • The ban on ingredients of petrochemical origin,
  • The restricted use of harmful minerals,
  • The prohibition of irradiation of products,
  • The maximisation of biodegradability,
  • No genetically modified ingredients are used,
  • The strict regulation of the use of stabilisers, emollients, conservants and the like